Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

Volume 17 (1), 1-9, 2024

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Geoelectrical and Geochemical Approaches for Groundwater Quality Assessment in the Equatorial Region

Rabillah Rahman and Juandi Muhammad

Background and Objective: Urban areas such as Pekanbaru produce 0.9 kg of waste per-person per-day. Particularly in the densely populated region, especially Pekanbaru City, the community tends to use drilled wells and ring wells to meet their water needs. Therefore, it is necessary to research the quality of groundwater. Hence, this study aims to determine the groundwater quality in the study area using the Schlumberger geoelectric method and to analyze based on the geochemical method. Materials and Methods: The proposed method is based on geoelectric data measurements using Schumberger’s rule. This test was carried out on two lines in Padang Terubuk Village, Senapelan District, Pekanbaru City. The measured values of current and potential differences were analyzed statistically using IP2WIN software to obtain ground water. Next, 8 drilled well water samples were analyzed using the geochemical method to determine the quality of the groundwater which included the parameters pH, turbidity, TDS and conductivity which were measured using the AMTAST AMT03 tool. Results: The groundwater in line 1 is found in layer 10 at a depth of 12.9 m with a resistivity value of 14.8 m and rock types in the form of silt soil and soft wet soil. On line 2 groundwater is found in the 8th layer with a depth of 7 m and a resistivity value of 19 m and the rock type is silt/sandy soil. This is consistent with the facts on the ground where people use ring wells and drilled wells at depths of between 5 and 12 m. The results of the pH test for water suitable for consumption were only found in samples 1A and 1B based on government regulation. Conclusion: Ultimately, this research holds applicability within urban settings exhibiting similar regional traits, offering a viable approach to investigating potable groundwater.

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Rabillah Rahman and Juandi Muhammad, 2024. Geoelectrical and Geochemical Approaches for Groundwater Quality Assessment in the Equatorial Region. Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 17: 1-9.

DOI: 10.3923/jest.2024.1.9

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