Why publish with us

Over the past 20 years, the Asian Network for Scientific Information is providing the highest quality publishing services to the millions of authors to publish and share the knowledge that is reliable, accurate, and cutting-edge.

Open Access – Since 1998, Asian Network for Scientific Information is publishing all research work with Open Access policy, which means it’s free to access from anywhere in the world and licensed for reuse. As an author, you retain the copyright to your work.

Fast Publication – We offer rapid publication while providing a rigorous peer review to maintain the integrity of information.

Highest Standard – Our Publishing Staff, Editorial Board Members, and Reviewers are committed to maintaining the highest standards of peer review and publication process. Our Editors and Reviewers are all active researchers in their fields.

High Visibility – We do all, what we can to maximize your research work’s impact, and increase its visibility & accessibility. For this purpose, a team of Information Specialist is dedicated to ensure the immediate indexing of your articles in Google Scholar, Asian Digital Library, IndexONE, and ASCI Database and provide digital contents in XML format to other indexing databases. Our ultimate goal is to make your research easy to find and cite by other researchers around the world.