Digital Preservation Policy

All files are submitted to Portico for preservation. Portico provides access to its library participants when specific conditions or "trigger events" occur, which cause journal titles to no longer be available from the publisher or any other source:

  • When a publisher ceases operations and titles are no longer available from any other source.
  • When a publisher
  • Ceases to publish and offer a title, and another publisher or entity does not provide it.
  • Removed back issues from the website and are not available elsewhere.
  • Delivery platform failed to provide data for a sustained period of time.

When e-journal titles have "triggered," they are available to all participants in the Portico E-Journal Preservation Service, regardless of whether the participating institution has previously licensed the content. Also, all versions of the papers (pre-prints, post-prints, and published versions) are stored in the publishing house's archive.