Asian Network for Scientific Information is a leading publisher of Science, Technology and Medicine (STM) in Asia. Currently Asian Network for Scientific Information publishes more than 37 peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines to foster communication among scientists, researchers, students and professionals - enabling them to work more efficiently and intelligently, thereby advancing knowledge and learning.
OAI Membership

The Asian Network for Scientific Information offers two types of Open Access Institutional Memberships to departments which would like to have their work published by the ANSInet free-of-charge.

I. Annual Membership (recommended)
The annual membership is based on a flat rate payment that covers all accepted articles submitted by author(s) from the member institute(s)/organization(s). The rate of each membership is calculated to resonate with the research output level of the institute, and its history of publishing in the ANSInet journals. Quotation is upon request to memberships@ansinet.com. The annual membership enable institutions and organizations to have their work published in the ANSInet Open Access journals free of Article Processing Charges for 12 months regardless the number of submissions.

It is possible that the Asian Network for Scientific Information provides a new quotation for the membership renewal three months prior to the expiration of the running membership. Annual Membership periods may be synchronized with the calendar or fiscal year at the member institute by prorating its cost for a fraction of a year, if so desired by the member institute.

II. Prepaid Membership
Prepaid Membership offers the member institute an automatic discount of 20% for any published manuscript in the ANSInet journal(s). Initially, the member institutes should deposit an amount of at least 5,000 USD in order to activate their membership. This amount is proposed to be used to cover the Article Processing Charges. This type of membership enables institutions to access all articles covered by their payment. Membership request can be sent to memberships@ansinet.com

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