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Trends in Agricultural Economics
eISSN: 2077-2246
pISSN: 1994-7933

Editor-in-Chief:  Md. Rabiul Islam
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Dr. Rabiul Islam holds a PhD in Environmental Economics under the Institute for Environment and Development at University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Malaysia. He is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics at University Utara Malaysia. His main area of expertise is the application of Global Forest Products Model (GFPM). His prior work experience includes Lecturer at Mujibnagar Degree College, Graduate Research Assistant and Post-Doctoral Fellow at University Kebangsaan Malaysia. His 76 articles have been published in a wide range of various journals and 10 in conference proceedings. He also attended many workshops/seminars/trainings. He published 1 book as author. He is interested in doing research in international trade, development economics, trade and environment, tourism, migration, water, poverty and food security, urban agriculture, sustainable development, climatic hazards, and green economics. He is supervising 2 PhD students. Dr. Rabiul Islam is also an active editorial board member of 6 journals. He is serving as co-researcher in “Disaster Safety Net: Evaluating the MKN 20 Directive” project.

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